Tabby Cat Character
This was a product design for one of my clients, and it's 3D printable! The second video is the plain version (I prefer the cat). Check out my concept sketches here.
Product Design
This motion graphics template was modeled and animated in Maya and finished in After Effects. I made this for one my clients, and I kept the layout fairly open so they could add their own logo, motion graphics, and diagrams to the template in order to present the product concept to investors.
Third Person Shooter Characters
The models below were created in Maya for use in a Unity 3D third person shooter game. The playable characters, "Rigel" and "Cho," work wonderfully with Unity's motion capture data. You can view this model interactively on SketchFab. Check out the concept art for these characters here.
Player 1, "Rigel" - 15,000 triangles.
A quick preview of the base texturing.
Player 2, "Cho" - 18,500 triangles.
A quick preview of the base texturing.
Enemy Critters - 8,500 triangles.
UV maps for the characters above.
How to Hoverboard
This is a project I did in Maya for my Lighting and Rendering class in Spring 2013, and I'm putting it here for two reasons. One, the hoverboard is one of my favorite pieces. Two, the character (Gideon) is a perfect example of what NOT to do. Why? He was my first attempt at modeling and animating a human character, and at the time, there was a lot I didn't understand about clean modeling.

The most important lesson I learned: Poly conservation. While the environment and hoverboard have a reasonable amount of faces, Gideon's model is nearly 600,000 triangles. Not fun AT ALL to animate with a laptop. I learned the hard way that you can't easily animate something with that many polygons... I know now!

Check out the concept art here.
Wireframe and texured hoverboard.
Those curves, tho... I want one.
Rough blocking animation.
Vaan Lightning Figure
Vaan Lightning is an original character of mine and I decided it would be pretty fun to model a figure of him in some kind of dynamic action pose. I created a rough model and posed him in Maya, then painted him and added minor texture in Mudbox. Once I complete my course in Z Brush, I have plans for a super epic version of him in the future... What can I say, I'm a figure nerd.
This was my first major hard-edged modeling project in school and it taught me quite a bit about what I know now.
Wire mesh with 73,497 polygons.
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