My name is Adrian E.P. Myers, but most people know me as Sparky. I'm a quirky, professional multimedia artist, designer, and tutor with roots in drawing, musical performance, Japanese graphic novels, and Disney animated films. The name Sparky was given to me by my good friends because of my hyperactive, GET-UP-AND-GO!!! personality, so if I'm not working diligently in my studio, you'll probably find me up a tree somewhere singing to the stars.
After an experimental start in Music Industry Studies in 2004 and full time culinary employment, I moved from my home in Boone, North Carolina to Greenville, North Carolina to study Animation and Interactive Design, earning my BFA in December of 2014. Now I'm in Raleigh, freelancing, honing my skills, loving my friends, and pursuing my dreams of mastering 2D & 3D concept art, graphic novels, and continuing to pursue the animation I love.
Why do you make art?
Why does your heart beat? Seriously though, I can't NOT make art. It's in my blood. My mom is a highly skilled artist with a mutual passion for photography and music, so I've been immersed in it since birth. My dad fueled my imagination with crazy, entertaining stories and ideas he made up, and my family and friends were always supportive of my creative drive. 
I love creating something from nothing, whether it's a doodle on scrap paper, a painting, or a full-fledged animation. It's how I express my existence and my beliefs and passions. I really want to help change the world for the better through art and music and at least leave some kind of positive impression, but to be honest, I do it because it comes naturally.  I live, therefore I create!
You have a lot of different artistic interests. If you had to pick one, which would it be?
One? I have to choose one?? D: I'm a Jack of many trades, not a master of one!
But if I had to choose just one... it would be concept art. I love drawing, painting, and modeling new concepts, and it ties into other areas that I enjoy, like graphic design and animation. I feel like I'm just scratching the surface of what I'm capable of as a painter and 3D modeler, both with digital and traditional media and I really want to master that.
Least favorite part of any creative process?
Coding. *hiss* It doesn't come naturally to me, but I have to admit it's weirdly satisfying...
Hobbies, Interests, Fandoms, Inspirations?
• My wife is my biggest inspiration. She's an incredible woman and I have no words that could do her spirit justice
• Music that gives me an emotional reaction: goosebumps, tears, the sudden urge to run around like a freaking super hero
• Nature, particularly the forest, the ocean, and the sky. I love being outside - hiking, trail running, bouldering - anything that puts me in the middle of nature and lets me run free
• ANIME & MANGA!!! (I watch one episode of whatever series I'm working through literally every day with breakfast): Gurren Lagann, One Punch Man, Darker Than Black, Your Lie in April, Trigun, Outlaw Star, GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), Death Note, Attack on Titan, and anything from Studio Ghibli. There are a LOT of titles I like. I have A List.
• Final Fantasy (I've completed XV and played VII, VIII, and X, and I've seen Spirits Within and Advent Children). I love their hair, and their clothing design is freaking amazing. The art and stories are, of course, super inspiring as well. #fashiongoals
• Disney animated films. I grew up with them. I know all the songs. I WILL serenade you.

• Spiritual beliefs and mythologies from all over time and space, particularly Celtic, Native American, and Japanese

• TV Shows: Good Eats, Top Gear UK, and DOCTOR WHOOOOO~WEEEEOOOOO!!! COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY. I'm also a fan of Buzz Feed's Try Guys and stuff like Mythbusters.
• Games: Final Fantasy XV, Ingress, Pokemon Go!, PacMan, DDR, Devil May Cry, Need for Speed, and Kingdom Hearts, among others.
• I love science, particularly anything to do with astronomy. If you couldn't tell from looking at my art, I have a mild obsession with space.
• I really enjoy teaching and helping with education. I'm a tutor as well as a freelancer, so I'm thrilled that I can pursue that dream as well!
• And last but not least: My friends, who work incredibly hard and never give up. You guys are the best.
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