FloLogic CONNECT App 2020
I created the intro motion graphics as well as the UI animations to show interactivity between screens. I also produced the final video, including voiceover sync, color correction, visual effects, and rendering.
FloLogic CONNECT App Setup Guide
2018 After Effects Animation
This project was a combination of video editing and motion graphics animation in After Effects to create a guide to assist users with setting up their wi-fi to work with FloLogic's equipment. This video accompanies the CONNECT booklet I designed.
Product Design Presentation
2015 After Effects & Maya Animation
This motion graphics template was modeled and animated in Maya and finished in After Effects. I made this for one my clients, and I kept the layout fairly open so they could add their own logo, motion graphics, and diagrams to the template in order to present the product concept to investors. 
Tokyopop Logo Bumper
2013 After Effects Animation
For this motion graphics project, I created a logo bumper to honor Tokyopop manga publishers using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. I grew up with their books and sadly, the North American publishing branch closed down in 2011. I put all the excitement and imagination I derived from Tokyopop Manga into this logo bumper. Check out the storyboards on my storyboard page!
Winner of Second Place in the Animation Category for Rebel 56 (October, 2013)
Winner of the Award of Merit in 2D Animation, presented by Tom Braswell and Roger Manley on March 6th at the 2014 School of Art and Design Show
Summoning Nocturnal Rain
2013 After Effects Animation
Inspired by Disney's Fantasia, I decided to create an animation sequence based on what I imagined as I listened to the music. I wrote the music with a vague idea in mind for a silhouette dance performance, but I wasn't sure what was going to happen until the music was finished. This piece follows an individual as he and the living things around him make music with their environment. I filmed this using my own greenscreen, then composited the footage with the animations in After Effects.

Winner of Second Place in the Animation Category for Rebel 56 (October, 2013)
Coyote's Creations Logo Bumper
2013 After Effects Animation
This was an independent motion graphics project for my old Coyote's Creations Logo. I used After Effects CS6 and Illustrator. Check out the static logo here.

Alien Enemy Walk Cycle
2014 Maya Animation
This shows one of the various animations used for the basic enemy in my first Unity game. In addition to the front and back cycle seen here, it has a great thrashing dying animation as well (see Game Design).
Through a Class Darkly - Animated Scenes
2015 After Effects & Photoshop Animation
The next five videos are clips from film maker Michael Tierno's film, "Through a Class Darkly," for which I was responsible for the animation, motion graphics, and some special effects.

In the film, this animation was broken up over the course of the musical scene, "Strange Place." This is the uncut version of the animated scenes showing Madeline as a "Metaphysician" rescuing a girl from the suicidal influences of one of the "Miscreants."

Animation by Adrian Myers (Photoshop and After Effects)

"Strange Place" is a fun musical number that begins to establish the quirky alternate reality that Madeline will journey through. The screentone overlay and outlines create a comic book effect and the alternating philosophies of Nihilism and Madeline's Christian beliefs compete in the background. She also has a bit of a flashback to the journal drawings she discovered during her research and imagines herself as a Metaphysician, stopping a girl from committing suicide.

Animation by Adrian Myers. Film by Michael Tierno.
Madeline's first experience with the otherwordly weirdness is when she researches the battle between the Miscreants and the Metaphysicians and finds this journal. The hastily scrawled drawings come to life before her eyes and send her a warning...

Photoshop drawings with the Puppet Tool and expressions in After Effects. Lots of masking.

Animation by Adrian Myers. Film by Michael Tierno
A clip from Madeline's scene, "Don't Wait Up For Me," in which she imagines herself as one of the book drawings resurrecting Jesus.

Animation and effects by Adrian Myers (After Effects & Photoshop)
Film by Michael Tierno
Madeline's imagination starts to play tricks on her while reading her bible.

Animation and motion graphics by Adrian Myers (After Effects & Photoshop)
Film by Michael Tierno
Self Transcendence
2013 After Effects Animation
This kinetic type project is based on two TED Talks, "My Stroke of Insight" by Jill Bolte Taylor (2008) and "Religion, evolution, and the ecstasy of self-transcendence" by Jonathan Haidt (2012). The purpose of this motion graphics piece is to create a new dialogue between these two speakers using animation and audio. For this project, I used After Effects to create both the type and the Mandelbrot zoom.

Samhain Title Intro
2013 After Effects Animation
This motion graphics themescape title piece was created using a particle trail in After Effects. Samhain (pronounced /ˈsɑːwɪn/ SAH-win or /ˈsaʊ.ɪn/ SOW-in, Irish pronunciation: [sˠaunʲ]) is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the "darker half" of the year (October 31st).

How to Hoverboard 101 
2012 Maya Animation
This rough short was my first experience with lighting and animating a 3D scene, and it was a lesson learned the hard way. When I made this, I was still unfamiliar with the importance of polygon conservation. Normally, a human character for animation should have anywhere between 25,000 and 100,000 polys. 
Gideon has almost 600,000. Why? At the time, I didn't think it would be such a big deal. However, whenI started animating him, I realized immediately what a bad idea it had been. Every time Itold the computer "Okay, move his arm 3 inches to the left," it wouldhave to think about it for a few minutes before it did it. Imagine trying to animate that smoothly... 
Thanks to this experience, I have learned how to model characters properly. >.>;
You can view concept art and storyboards here!

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