Winter Formal Surprise
2019 Concept Art (Digital Painting)
This was a commission for my friend Ben Snead for his character Cass (left) and another player's character Violet (right) from their tabletop game at Claremont Academy. Violet wanted to surprise Cass at the Winter Formal dance, so she had her pet squirrel set up string lights in the trees and led Cass outside for this special moment.
Character Bust Portraits: Epizon Driftwood
2021 Character Art (Digital Painting: Procreate)
Haleir Performs
2018 Concept Art (Digital Painting)
This was a gift commission for my friend Fel, who writes story snippets involving their D&D character, Haleir (Their writing can  be found here). For information about this character, visit his bio and his Pinterest board!.  In this piece, Hal performs entrancing music at a pub. If you look closely, you'll see Mollymauk and Yasha from Critical Role are in the audience.
Ivar the Brave
2019 Digital Illustration
Commission for my friend Katelin Harrington. She wanted her son Ivar riding triumphantly into battle on the back of his T-Rex. How awesome is that???
Witch Motel's Cactus Heart
2018 Album Art (Digital Painting)
When I asked my friend Robbie Thorton what kind of imagery came to mind when he thought of his band Witch Motel and what they represent, he and the band sent back some interesting concepts.
"Sci-fi. Grungy. Stoner rock. Images of the sea. Tentacles wrapping around your soul. Psychedelic. The desert. A cold temptress... I want people to know they are not alone. Every action any of us do affects those around us. A simple gesture can save a life - or end one. The universe is closer and smaller than we realize, and people are friendlier than they seem."
2017 Concept Art (Digital Painting)
Gideon has found a passion in kite-boarding - old school style, like they used to do back on Earth before the space age. After seeing ancient videos of the sport as a kid, he was determined to learn how to do it, so he crafted his own boards and kites in his free time. The first models didn't work very well, but years of trial and error eventually resulted in the set he uses here. With these, he can soar high into the sky and race over the surface of the sea like the rushing wind.
The daily grind can get you down, but find a passion and pursue it with all your heart, and you will taste true freedom.
The Fate of Billions
2014 Concept Art (Digital Painting)
This is an interior vs. exterior composition based around the Golden Mean. For the subject matter, I chose to portray a young Emperor Kaden (an original character from my story, Lost Past) in his meditation space contemplating the fate of the planetary system he must rule over.
To See a World in a Grain of Sand
2019 Concept Art (Digital Painting)
A gift for my wife, Jennifer. ♥ This is the sister piece to "Fate of Billions".
Malykhai the Terror Bear
2017 Concept Art (Digital Painting)
A friend of mine runs a Twitch channel and requested this image as part of his branding campaign. It was SO much fun to work on, and I even learned a new trick to make the fur. :3
Rigel: From Concept to 3D
2016 Concept Art (3D Modeling, Digital Painting)
This one is a Photoshop composite of Rigel's 3D model, a newer version of the space background I created for another painting, and a totally new digital painting of Rigel.
Do I Wanna Know...?
2018 Digital Illustration
You know that song. By the Arctic Monkeys? The one that's stuck in your head now? I had it stuck in my head too, so I drew this to get those feels out.
Lion Cub Tattoo
2015 Digital Illustration
This was a commission for a friend, who wanted a lion cub with blue roses to go over her heart. The overall design was left up to me, and I decided on a running cub to create something dynamic (and also because it's kinda cute to have a little cub always "running" through her heart. :P)
Are you ever going to tell me...?
2014 Concept Art (Digital Painting)
The concept of this was to portray a dialogue. I took the opportunity to explore Aspectors some more by illustrating Ace and his guardian, Aito. Ace asks him, "Are you ever going to tell me what comes next? After this life, I mean..." As always, Aito's response is to be cheerfully cryptic.
2014 Digital Painting
This was a personal project based on the Seven Deadly Sins from Fullmetal Alchemist (personifications of the seven deadly sins). Of the seven, the one I struggle with the most is Envy, so I chose to create a stylized self-portrait depicting myself transforming into Envy (or is it the other way around...?)
Tidus' Birdy Bloodlust
2015 Digital Painting
This was an odd commission request from a friend (mostly in jest, but I took her up on it anyway). If you’ve played the Chocobo racing game in Final Fantasy X or watched someone else play it, you probably understand the sentiment here. I took the opportunity to experiment with a new method of choosing a color palette in Photoshop and to practice inventing lighting.
Space-boarder Gideon
2014 Digital Painting, 3D Modeling
For this piece, I rendered one of my 3D characters with Maya, then utilized Photoshop to paint him and composite the render with the environment. Gideon was featured on my senior show poster.
Backstreet Rangers:
2016 Digital Illustration
Nick Carter seemed to like this one...heehee. My inner 90s fanboy is screaming.
Practice Exercises
2014 Digital Painting
This was a simple study exercise to get used to using Photoshop to paint. I chose to reference two simple still life paintings by Carol Marine. This was my first try at using the Mixer Brush.
My Digital Copy
My Digital Copy
My Digital Copy
My Digital Copy
2014 Digital Painting 
The purpose of this composition is to show movement. While Gurren Lagann was incredibly fun to draw, I decided to base the final piece on a series of photographs my friend took of me goofing off in the park.
Locked In With the Key 
2014 Digital Painting, Oil Paint on Art Paper
This is a very personal piece for me. I see it as an illustration of self-imposed social anxiety and I wanted to show how it feels to keep your emotions and your true self locked away from the world so tightly that even the people you love can't quite reach you.

Final painting. Printed on Pura Smooth art paper, sealed with matte medium, and painted and glazed with oils.
Final digital version before printing and painting.
Final digital version before printing and painting.
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