Disable the Creatures!
This third person shooter demo took 6 weeks from the start of concept design to the published demos below.
Playthrough, Part 1, using Rigel
Playthrough, Part 2, using Cho
Below are a few screenshots from key areas to get a better look at some of the environment.
This was before Unity's lighting and texturing update. It needs a bit of work... haha.
Matching Elements
This is a simple matching game for educational purposes.

Level 1: Match the elements. Level 2: Match the molecules.
The Floating Black Market
This was originally supposed to be a castle defense game, but of course I had to take it to outer space. I had an idea for a traveling black market which traversed the darkness under its own power, disguised as a scrap heap. Your job as the space patrol ship is to destroy the thing and put an end to the unspeakable crimes committed there. Or... you could just blow stuff up for the heck of it. Your call.

Floating scrap heap in space explodes into easily recyclable matter cubes!
Concept sketch for the market
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