Vaan "Lightning"
 Though he will always be Vaan, the rest of his name might need some thought.
This one's getting inked, possibly colored, and generally awesomed-the-hell-up when I have time.
Finally. A solid character design for Vaan Lightning.

This design is based off of Vaan as a mechanic (thus all the notes). However, there is talk of making him a courier. He's still stupidly fast and incredibly strong. What better way to use his talents in Desario?
You know... come to think of it. I'm pretty sure Marty McFly had a hoverboard... and a vest. c_c; My childhood is leaking out into my work again.
The first redesign of Gideon. I'm not very happy with this version, so he got scrapped and redesigned again. The rebooted Gideon will be an adult, or close to it, but (much like me) he looks very young for his age.
I like this version of Gideon much better. It's simpler, yet I think it gets the point across that he's a pretty easy-going yet hard working guy.

I tried to add a little beach aspect to this sketch too, since their home is in a huge bay city and Gideon loves to kite surf.

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