Gideon Color Studies:
These are for part of a larger digital piece, which you can view here. I started on paper with colored pencils to limit my color palette, and then played around with options in Photoshop. In the final piece, I expanded the canvas even more to show more of the world Gideon lives on. 
Fun fact: This character started out Caucasian (like literally all of my humanoid characters prior to this one), but I really wanted to start incorporating more POCs into my character designs. It's more true to life, it gives me more practice with color schemes, and most importantly, POCs need more representation in art and media, and I want to make heroes we can ALL relate to. I'll be diversifying my future character designs with this in mind.
Chocobro Training Session (WIP)
I did a quick conte sketch of Noctis and Gladio training and it ended up turning into a pastel project. This is a work-in-progress shot of Noct so far.
Defeating Self-Defeat:
Sometimes, your monsters win. Sometimes you gotta put them back in their place.
Alive vs. Mortal
When you decide it would be a great idea to go jogging at sunrise in 20 degree weather after staying up all night...
Half-blind Gesture
I tried doing a gesture drawing without my glasses! Because I'm super near-sighted, I thought it would be an interesting exercise in forcing myself to see vague shapes and values. I really like how it turned out! It's a little spooky, though...
When it's time to post an art update and you have nothing:
Playing with Curves in Photoshop
Vaan & Celestine Manga Sketch
This was a brief scene from Lost Past I thought of and decided to illustrate in graphic novel format. 
Ear Iterations
An iterative drawing exercise:
I like doing these occasionally, using different angles to build up and reinforce a mental library of human anatomy and perspective.
A doodle of Rei Ryugazaki from Free!
Tracer's Thanks:
A big THANK YOU! to my friend Aster for getting  me Pokemon Moon as a surprise birthday present!
Graphic Novel Scene Sketch
Random scene from a vampire roleplay story.
Yeah, I went there.
Logo ideas for a tea shop in Cary:
Super quick gesture exercises:
Various doodles:
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